Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What Kinds Of Manuscripts Are Publishers Looking To Publish?

I remember how as a kid I would go to the library and head straight to the section I wanted to read. By the end of my first summer visiting that library, I knew the title and subject of every book in the fantasy section. As an adult working as an editor, I pride myself on knowing what books are out there. This practice is shared by others that I work with.

One thing I love about working at Bokheim Publishing is that our team knows which manuscripts will do best in the literary world. Questions I am often asked is if I think someone’s manuscript will be accepted. For any would-be author, I think it is important to do research and write about what he or she thinks will be sought after if your main goal is ultimately to be published. But more than that, I believe it’s important for an author to believe in his or her manuscript. If you do not believe and keep trying, you will never be published.

Einstein was ridiculed by the scientific world and yet is called a physics genius to this day. I find that very amusing as Einstein flunked basic physics. Remember that although you might be receiving rejection letters, this does not mean your manuscript will not be published. Finding the right mix of time, place and person is essential.

The author who inspired me to become an editor was T.A. Barron. He once told me he had been rejected over a hundred times before he found the right moment for his manuscript. Now you will find his books in almost every bookstore in America. Stephanie Meyers was rejected ten times until she was signed and now she has two movies out with two more on the way. How is that for an interesting turnout?

I find that publishers are looking for all kinds of manuscripts and that each author should remember this fact. Do not be discourage if you receive a rejection letter and remember that with effort, timing and determination an author can be published.

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