Monday, January 25, 2010

Examining E-Readers

There are dozens of e-readers on the market, each varying in price and quality. One of the first e-readers was the Kindle. It received a great deal of publicity thanks to Amazon despite the initially small growth of e-book sales.

Some of the newest e-readers on the market are Sony’s E-Reader (which also comes in pink), the Nook (which offers an attractive, streamlined design) and there are rumors that Apple’s new tablet design will have extra features for e-books. Each e-reader offers the ability to hold hundreds if not thousands of e-books, and what the manufacturer promises to be a higher quality reading experience. They also boast how e-books can be found for under $10. Most paperback books can cost a lot more.

We would encourage our readers to choose carefully. It is important for each person to try the e-reader before he or she buys it. An e-reader is a pricey but sound investment. If chosen correctly, it can bring many years of enjoyment to the user.

No matter which e-reader could be considered the ‘best one’, they are improving each year, offering additional features to consumers at a lower price. If an e-reader is out of the price range, avid readers and consumers can visit Bokheim Publishing and bookstore websites to participate in occasional contests for free e-readers.

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