Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Publishing Rewards

Bokheim Publishing – More rewards for customers and less inconveniences

Publishing is a business; it makes money through its consumers. For publishers, pleasing consumers does not start with the bookstores, but instead it begins during manuscript preparation. Authors can assist in this preparation by learning about their readers.

Bokheim Publishing offers its books through a number of major resellers and our own storefront. This provides maximum exposure, but it also encourages us to understand our readers better. The only way publishers can offer their readers a better product is by offering an understanding of what readers want to read and at the right price. This includes offering selective sales at periodic dates, in addition to rewards for purchasing books.

By offering a higher quality product for less, mingled with more rewards for customers and less inconveniences, publishers are able to meet the demands of today. Smart planning and understanding what readers want will help to increase sales while keeping costs down. With the arrival of 2010, publishers are charged with assisting in the aid of marketing the books that their readers want. For Bokheim Publishing, meeting the wishes of our customers is our highest priority.


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