Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bokheim’s Update Wednesday!

The internet has offered more to businesses and individuals than any other previous industry in business history. Bokheim Publishing understands what the internet can offer readers and authors. When you purchase our books directly from our website, you will see this understanding brought forth in every aspect of our service to you. At Bokheim, we extend a warm welcome to anyone who visits our main website.

At the request of our readers, we have implemented a new ‘bonus points systems’ for each purchase. This means that for every book you buy, you will receive a point towards any book of your choice on our website. In addition, by visiting our website or joining our newsletter subscription list, you will be kept appraised of new sales, special offers and our monthly contests for a free book.

Bokheim sells books all over the world because we offer only high quality literature. Our readers and authors alike appreciate this service and seek us out. We offer high royalties, environmentally friendly services and personalized one-on-one attention with our readers. In addition, we endeavor to offer our books in every format our readers want to have available. If there is a format you do not see but wish to have available, please let us know.

Although not everyone prefers to use the internet to purchase their entertainment literature, as of 2008 there were over 1,463,500,000 internet users according to the Census Bureau of the Department of Commerce. We are now 2010. This number will doubtless grow with time and we wish to offer a high quality website to match our literature. To this end, if our readers or authors wish to see a specific feature available, let us here at Bokheim know and we will do our best to make it happen.

Enjoy the reading!

The Bokheim Chu

Monday, April 26, 2010

Why is Editing so important?

Editing is essential. When trying to have a manuscript published, manuscripts will be evaluated and scrutinized. If it appears that a would-be author has not taken the time to have a potential book edited, it can be assumed that the entire manuscript is in a similar state. Editing a manuscript will allow it to be easily read and understood. As a reader, if you find mistake after mistake, it will take away from the enjoyment of the reading experience. Editing can help you make sure that others will be able to enjoy your novel to the extent it deserves.

Editing is also important because in order for every author to grow they need to understand what parts of their writing could use some improvement. Improvement can cover getting better with plot fluidity, details, sentence structure, spelling or any number of additional factors. Each time a person edits, he or she is learning what they could improve in the next novel, making it even more enjoyable and well written.

For many readers and reviewers, seeing an author grow and improve in his or her stories can help their appreciation and love grow. Editors and publishers will also appreciate editing that has been done on a manuscript, allowing them to do their jobs more efficiently and to publish the books more quickly. Editing is always important to everyone in the publishing industry, but always remember, the person it can help the most, is the potential author submitting the manuscript.

Best of luck!
The Bokheim Chu