Monday, May 3, 2010

Putting Yourself Out There

For every writer who dreams of becoming a published author, there is a process. This process is long, difficult and can leave your heart the worse for wear. You finish and sit there, holding your manuscript in your hands and you sit back, realizing that someone is going to be reading your work. This means others will see what you have written. This can be the hardest part of taking the first steps to becoming published, especially if you are concerned about a possible rejection.

If you have already gotten to this stage and sent out your work, we at Bokheim Publishing appreciate what you have done, regardless of where you sent your submission. It takes inner strength to be able to let others see your work. Many novels go unread because writers do not wish for others to reject their work, especially after having put in so much effort.

We believe every manuscript deserves a chance to be read. This might mean by an agent, editor, publisher, etc. If you are worried your manuscript might not have what it takes, then don’t fear submitting it. Ask yourself why you think this, but allow your manuscript to have a chance. Even if you are discouraged, all it means is that there is more room for you to grow as a writer.

Every rejection or piece of advice is something that you can use to help yourself grow as an author and a person. It can be hard to receive a rejection, but taking the time to listen and learn can pay off. It has been said in the past that every person has at least one great novel within him or her. Learn from everything you are told and never be afraid to grow.

I remember one author who received over a hundred rejections for his first book long before Bokheim was born. During this time, e-mail submissions were a ridiculed idea. This meant he had to print out his manuscript and pay postage every time he submitted. Then one day, he wrote a second novel without success on the first manuscript and he was accepted on his fourth try. Now he is one of the most well known authors in the U.S. and most of you have probably heard of or at least seen his books in bookstores.

Remember, with faith in your heart, and the determination to go forward, anything is possible.

Keep on trying!

The Bokheim Chu


That's the encouragement I needed. Thanks so much. I have many books inside and not enough confidence. I needed these words of yours today. God bless.

May 5, 2010 at 2:43 PM

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