Monday, August 9, 2010

Exciting Announcement! Pre-release of The Thirteenth Chime!

In celebration of Emma Michael's debut novel release of The Thirteenth Chime, Bokheim Publishing is pleased to offer this excellent book in both print and e-formats three days before the official release to all of our readers. Not only do you have this access before anyone else, but when you buy a Bokheim book, you know that there is no risk involved as our prices are excellent, the quality of our literature is above the competition's, and our books is family-friendly.

**ANNOUNCEMENT - To all of our loyal fans, we are pleased to announce a partnership with Amazon to offer The Thirteenth Chime in print for $1 off the cover price the remainder of August! **

Here is our partner storefront: Bokheim Publishing

COUPON CODE: 7UBJW596 (Remember! This coupon code is only good from our partnership store until August 31st!)

Imagine being able to sit back and enjoy watching any member of your family read without worry because of the content. There are moments of degrading speech or situations, yet we do not censor our books - Bokheim books are the quality they are because we work together with our authors to provide you, our readers, with only the best. Although The Thirteenth Chime is targeted for a young adult audience, we take pride in knowing that any person of any age will be able to enjoy the masterful creation that Emma Michaels has given us.

What exactly is The Thirteenth Chime? It is a YA Paranormal/Urban Fantasy about the bond between two people, David and Destiny, who have become separated over time. Destiny is now engaged to another man and goes with her roommate, Stephanie, to the West Coast for Spring Break. While there, Stephanie and her mother are attacked and both end up in the hospital. Destiny, not knowing what to do and without help from the police, turns to David. He goes to help her, not knowing of the deadly trap that has been waiting for them for almost fifty years...

Sample Summary


Destiny has finally found the life that she has always wanted.

She is about to finish college, has a fiancé that loves her, and a great summer on the West Coast planned with her friend, Stephanie.

But her world is turned upside down when an antique clock mysteriously chimes thirteen times and someone attacks them, sending Stephanie and her mother to the hospital.

Alone, and without any help from the police, Destiny has no choice but to turn to the one man she had left behind a year ago - her ex-boyfriend, David.

Together, they must solve the riddle of the thirteenth chime before the clock strikes thirteen again.

Yet as they face their own past and hearts, a trap over half a century old is waiting for them to become its prey.

For revenge, fifty years is never too long...

"The Thirteenth Chime"


"Will draw you in and have you hanging on every word!"
- Black Fingernailed Reviews

"A glimmer of light to this otherwise dank, dark world."
-Book Crazy

"Masterful work!"
-Star Shadow

"Friday the Thirteenth is a day you should remember because after reading The Thirteenth Chime, it is a day that you will never forget."
-Tales of a Teenage Book Lover

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Thirteenth Chime


Bokheim Publishing is Pleased to Announce - The Thirteenth Chime by Emma Michaels

Bokheim Publishing


The Thirteenth Chime will available for sale online at, and other channels August, Friday the 13th, 2010. Check back for more updates soon!

New YA - Paranormal – Urban Fantasy - Mystery novel that touches upon the bond between two people who, despite being separate, must now resolve their differences as they face off against a trap that a madman created almost fifty years ago.

The Thirteenth Chime by Emma Michaels, a talented new author who will take the literary world by storm.

Sample Summary

No one knew of its existence until it was removed from the attic upstairs.

In a beautiful house that overlooks the sea, an antique clock has the power to change the course of their lives.

The power the clock resonates will not only force Destiny and ex-boyfriend David on a journey into the depths of one man's mind long dead, but into the mind of a man filled with hatred and bent on revenge.

With the only clues to the nature of the clock having disappeared into the sea, Destiny and David must retrace the steps the man had taken into the darkness, before they fall prey to the trap he had set in motion over half a century ago.

Hatred never dies.

In the first novel by Emma Michaels of the series "A Sense of Truth", the story of David and Destiny begins. It is their bond, despite all of their differences, that will be put to the test and will force them to rely on each other as they face off against an evil that has been waiting to strike for decades. The clock has begun ticking, and their only chance will lie with each other.

About the Author

Emma Michaels is a professional author with a history of writing and chocolate-cravings. She has worked on numerous ghost-writing projects and The Thirteenth Chime is her debut novel.

To see Emma Michaels book reviews and more visit:

Monday, May 24, 2010

Should I Have a Blog?

The question of blogging is often a question over whether the writer wishes to get the constant attention of a large audience. Whether for business or personal reasons, simply put – a blog is a wonderful idea. As an author or hopeful-author, this can be an important step to take as it helps you stay in touch with your audience. Knowing who your goal audience is can be difficult and time-consuming, but with the help of a blog and a bit of work, you may find your audience coming to you for updates, extra information and more. In addition, you will be able to reach a much wider audience base than you would through the process of only advertising your writing or name.

Marketers will tell you that the single largest obstacle that any person faces when trying to either sell a concept, service or product, is that the people you are trying to reach do not know who you are or what you have. Overall, a blog can be very beneficial to anyone. Even readers can write reviews of novels and have their opinions known, furthering the grapevine of who will come to know your name and writing. Some reviewers with top-notch blogs are even sent copies of a novel for review, which would make an excellent opportunity for you to get to know fellow bloggers and increase your audience.

Although blogs can be time consuming, it is very important to get the word out about you. Post your blog on search websites, use online tools to help spread the word, hold contests and make frequent announcements about your blog to your audience. If you don’t let people know you have a blog, they will likely never learn that it or you exist. The more the world knows you are out there, the more you will succeed in your endeavors.

Remember – you will succeed as an author only if you work hard, go the extra mile and believe in yourself! If you have the dream of making it as an author, you have everything you need to make that dream a reality.

Best of luck!

The Bokheim Chu

Monday, May 10, 2010

Do I Need An Agent To Be Published?

While many publishing houses choose to accept only solicited manuscripts, Bokheim Publishing is open to all submissions. Although agents are sometimes needed for very large publishing houses to sort through the slush pile, we like to give every manuscript our personal attention and consideration. While agents do carefully review queries and take them into consideration we feel that an actual portion of the writing needs to be seen to be able to properly judge a novel.

Many novels that get lost in the slush pile do not belong there. While some novels rejected might not have been something that could do well, others are actually well written and thought provoking. A person may have his or her first, or even their first few novels, turned down before notice or attention is given. This can be due to how a query letter is written or merely luck. What catches the eye of one may not catch the eye of others. Unfortunately, this is how the market for submissions operates.

We feel the hard work of agents is valuable and seeking an agent is advisable, especially if you intend to publish more than one book and want to receive the best deal possible. However, we will continue to keep an open door policy with our submissions for as long as we can. Remember, you can make it as long as you keep your heart and faith in your work and continue developing your skills.

Best of luck!

The Bokheim Chu

Monday, May 3, 2010

Putting Yourself Out There

For every writer who dreams of becoming a published author, there is a process. This process is long, difficult and can leave your heart the worse for wear. You finish and sit there, holding your manuscript in your hands and you sit back, realizing that someone is going to be reading your work. This means others will see what you have written. This can be the hardest part of taking the first steps to becoming published, especially if you are concerned about a possible rejection.

If you have already gotten to this stage and sent out your work, we at Bokheim Publishing appreciate what you have done, regardless of where you sent your submission. It takes inner strength to be able to let others see your work. Many novels go unread because writers do not wish for others to reject their work, especially after having put in so much effort.

We believe every manuscript deserves a chance to be read. This might mean by an agent, editor, publisher, etc. If you are worried your manuscript might not have what it takes, then don’t fear submitting it. Ask yourself why you think this, but allow your manuscript to have a chance. Even if you are discouraged, all it means is that there is more room for you to grow as a writer.

Every rejection or piece of advice is something that you can use to help yourself grow as an author and a person. It can be hard to receive a rejection, but taking the time to listen and learn can pay off. It has been said in the past that every person has at least one great novel within him or her. Learn from everything you are told and never be afraid to grow.

I remember one author who received over a hundred rejections for his first book long before Bokheim was born. During this time, e-mail submissions were a ridiculed idea. This meant he had to print out his manuscript and pay postage every time he submitted. Then one day, he wrote a second novel without success on the first manuscript and he was accepted on his fourth try. Now he is one of the most well known authors in the U.S. and most of you have probably heard of or at least seen his books in bookstores.

Remember, with faith in your heart, and the determination to go forward, anything is possible.

Keep on trying!

The Bokheim Chu

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bokheim’s Update Wednesday!

The internet has offered more to businesses and individuals than any other previous industry in business history. Bokheim Publishing understands what the internet can offer readers and authors. When you purchase our books directly from our website, you will see this understanding brought forth in every aspect of our service to you. At Bokheim, we extend a warm welcome to anyone who visits our main website.

At the request of our readers, we have implemented a new ‘bonus points systems’ for each purchase. This means that for every book you buy, you will receive a point towards any book of your choice on our website. In addition, by visiting our website or joining our newsletter subscription list, you will be kept appraised of new sales, special offers and our monthly contests for a free book.

Bokheim sells books all over the world because we offer only high quality literature. Our readers and authors alike appreciate this service and seek us out. We offer high royalties, environmentally friendly services and personalized one-on-one attention with our readers. In addition, we endeavor to offer our books in every format our readers want to have available. If there is a format you do not see but wish to have available, please let us know.

Although not everyone prefers to use the internet to purchase their entertainment literature, as of 2008 there were over 1,463,500,000 internet users according to the Census Bureau of the Department of Commerce. We are now 2010. This number will doubtless grow with time and we wish to offer a high quality website to match our literature. To this end, if our readers or authors wish to see a specific feature available, let us here at Bokheim know and we will do our best to make it happen.

Enjoy the reading!

The Bokheim Chu

Monday, April 26, 2010

Why is Editing so important?

Editing is essential. When trying to have a manuscript published, manuscripts will be evaluated and scrutinized. If it appears that a would-be author has not taken the time to have a potential book edited, it can be assumed that the entire manuscript is in a similar state. Editing a manuscript will allow it to be easily read and understood. As a reader, if you find mistake after mistake, it will take away from the enjoyment of the reading experience. Editing can help you make sure that others will be able to enjoy your novel to the extent it deserves.

Editing is also important because in order for every author to grow they need to understand what parts of their writing could use some improvement. Improvement can cover getting better with plot fluidity, details, sentence structure, spelling or any number of additional factors. Each time a person edits, he or she is learning what they could improve in the next novel, making it even more enjoyable and well written.

For many readers and reviewers, seeing an author grow and improve in his or her stories can help their appreciation and love grow. Editors and publishers will also appreciate editing that has been done on a manuscript, allowing them to do their jobs more efficiently and to publish the books more quickly. Editing is always important to everyone in the publishing industry, but always remember, the person it can help the most, is the potential author submitting the manuscript.

Best of luck!
The Bokheim Chu

Monday, March 29, 2010

What Does A Rejection Mean?

There are few experiences more crushing for a writer than his or her first rejection. The first rejection is bad enough, but when he or she begins to receive rejections in the dozens, it is possible to begin to question whether the manuscript is ready to be published. This is especially true for writers who may not have previously received publication.

Do not take a rejection personally. Although receiving a rejection is a painful experience, the publisher or agent does not mean a manuscript is not worth being published. It means that they are not the right person to help you with your publishing experience. It is important to research agents or publishers carefully before submitting. Agents and publishers look for manuscripts they know are well written and have high marketability.

One of the more common causes for rejection is because the guidelines that the agents or publisher have set were not followed while submitting to them. Many individuals start to wonder when they should start revising their manuscript or query again, or if they should give up hope. If enough rejections are received, try to identify the cause (i.e. the query letter or first ten pages or equivalent of the manuscript). However, any writer submitting should make sure they do not change their manuscript because of rejections if only a query has been viewed and not the actual manuscript itself.

There are many reasons that a manuscript may be rejected. Properly identifying the reason behind a rejection may help in future endeavors. The market is controlled by the readers, and as companies and businesses, agents and publishers, have to find what those reader will want and release it with proper timing. Researching the market can be very important, but even more important is finding the niche of that market that your novel fits into and the agent or publisher that can help you get there.

If proper preparation has been taken including writing classes, proper editing, professional workshops, and there is 100% confidence in the manuscript, keep that confidence. Know your genre and keep faith in your heart. Keep in mind that often the individual you are submitting to is not necessarily the one doing the initial evaluation. Therefore, never give up and continue to try with confidence while learning along the way.

Best of luck!

The Bokheim Chu

Friday, March 26, 2010

Writing Your First Novel

When writing a first novel, the experience is similar to having a child or a beloved pet. You write the words and suddenly something completely extraordinary blooms from the once blank pages. Suddenly it is your baby and you put all of your love into it. You dream of its future and setting goals. Unfortunately, many author’s first novels never reach publication. Do not let this discourage you. It is not a negative thing to experience, only a stepping-stone to improving your writing, plot structure, etc.

Some individuals may try to get their first novel published and find that it is far more difficult than they had imagined. This is usually true for every individual. A writer’s job does not finish once the last page has been penned or typed. Instead, the quest for the perfect query begins. Many publishers now refuse to accept unsolicited queries because of the grueling process so many have to go through. As a result, many with talent have gotten lost in the ever-growing slush pile.

When a novel is finished, an author is then asked to write a query letter – a synopsis covering the full range of the novel, including any additional information and qualifications. For some authors, they begin to wonder if they are selling their novel, or their qualifications. At Bokheim Publishing, we prefer to allow your novel to speak for itself. What we need is a well-written manuscript that fits our guidelines and preferences.

This can mean anything from a Young Adult Urban Fantasy to Christian Memoirs. We try to give a fair chance to every submission that follows our guidelines and we make sure that accepted projects receive the attention they deserve. This might not mean your first novel is published, but hang in there, because with each finished novel a writer can grow. Before you know it, just as with the transformation of those blank pages you watched bloom into something new and amazing, you may find yourself blooming into a published author.

If you have any questions concerning the process, or merely a question you have always wanted to ask a publisher, please do not hesitate to let us know here or e-mail us at We will even post your question along with our answer anonymously in order to allow others to benefit who may have the same questions.

Check out our submission guidelines at! Best of luck with your writing!

The Bokheim Chu

Monday, March 22, 2010

Becoming an Author

Becoming a writer is a life-long dream for some individuals. For any writer who dreams of becoming an author, the first step is to believe that he or she can accomplish that dream. Confidence shows not only in person, but also in how a writer’s work is viewed. A similar example would be someone preparing for a job interview.

It is important to note the difference between becoming a writer vs. becoming an author. Being a writer is a passion, but being an author is a career. As with any career, it is important to maintain an air of professionalism. Agents and publishers want to know that writers can be professional authors. The interview process begins with the query and ends only when the contract between publisher and author has been signed.

Marketing is important for spreading the word about the author. Promoting a novel by joining a social network, posting on forums and simply making one’s voice heard are some of the best marketing methods available. Having a website ahead of time can be very helpful to this process. Many agents and publishers do check to see if a writer has already taken the effort to create and maintain a professional website for his or her career

However, getting a website for a book specifically may not be the best course of action due to changes that may occur during publication. Although, once a proper title is agreed upon, it is always a good idea to secure a web address for the marketing purposes. Even if the publisher requests to maintain the website, the domain will be readily available.

Remember to be professional at all times and always be courteous, even if a rejection is received. Whether writing fiction or non-fiction, even if a writer is rejected he or she will benefit from the reputation that is developed over time. This includes manuscripts, queries and any online presence including blogging or social networking. Work hard and have faith!

Best of luck!

The Bokheim Chu

Monday, March 15, 2010

Seeking New Authors

Bokheim Publishing is a relatively new publishing house. However, there are decades of combined digital and print publishing knowledge our employees utilize to make publishing with us one of the most unique and pleasurable experiences of any writer’s career. For potential authors, this allows us to open the field to new possibilities.

Why is this? Here at Bokheim Publishing, a manuscript, even if previously published in print, receives the attention it deserves. Bokheim authors are entitled to special benefits. We offer higher royalties than most and more rights to Bokheim authors. Bokheim will always offer the full resources at our disposal to anyone who signs with us.

All authors can expect personalized attention for their manuscripts, including your own personal editor and marketing team. We currently offer 35% royalties on every sale we make. Bokheim Publishing also provides a 3-year initial contract for digital rights only, giving authors the right to publish their manuscripts in print with whomever they wish. At any time during the 3-year period, authors have the right to opt out of publishing with us. Authors who continue past the initial contract will be given higher royalties and even better benefits.

Many individuals wonder why e-books are becoming so popular. There are many reasons, which include less environmental side effects, lower costs, which help individuals suffering from the side effects of the recession still be able to have reading as their outlet and the vast change in costs for producing the products themselves. By offering a manuscript in e-book format, more individuals and their families will be able to enjoy the wonderful creation that authors have created.

Although some authors are hesitant about offering their books on the internet, there are many advantages to offering books in e-book format. The internet has received more attention than any previous industry in the history of business. Knowledge and entertainment is readily available to thousands of individuals all around the world. We market carefully, offering our books not only through our own publishing website, but also among other selected businesses. All of our books are suitable for any age group and do not have any derogatory terms.

For authors who find our invitation appealing, we hope they will take the next step and allow us to review a query. By publishing with Bokheim, we will be able to open up a new world that is yearning to read new manuscripts. Join us in giving the world your book and a tomorrow filled with the joy of reading!

Please review our submissions policy at today and e-mail your queries to:

Thank you,

Bokheim Publishing

Monday, March 8, 2010

Writing Tips When Submitting

Few challenges a would-be author will face in his or her writing career will match the anxiety that writing a query can bring. A writer can have one of the best manuscripts ever available to submit, but if his or her query does not give justice to the manuscript, it may never be given a chance. Therefore, for our blog readers, we would like to offer some suggestions that we hope might be helpful in future endeavors.

As when writing any letter, be sure to address the correct individual or publisher. A common mistake that happens daily is for writers to submit query letters en masse. By that, we mean a single query letter is written, the name of the first intended recipient is added, and the query letter is sent out to all future possible publishers with the original publisher’s name still on it. Not only is this unprofessional, but it can also open up questions as to the manuscript itself.

Although some writers may believe that they are the future J.K. Rowling, Danielle Steele or Stephanie Meyers, telling a publisher this will not impress anyone. Originality is highly prized in the publishing world. While publishers are running a business, and therefore are desiring to make sales, they want to hear that a writer is going to be great and offer something new, not something that has already been done before.

Submission guidelines are offered to save publishers and writers time. They exist to provide writers the opportunity of locating the best publisher for their work and to provide publishers with the specific area they are interested in publishing. If a publisher is not interested in a specific genre (i.e. submitting horror to a romance publisher), it behooves the writer to find an appropriate publisher.

Poorly written query letters will make publishers think the manuscript is poorly written. Most queries are a few paragraphs long, a page at most. If a writer did not check for spelling, grammar, or if his or her query message comes across clearly on such a short length query, most will assume the manuscript is similarly written. Always edit a query and have a second, third and possibly even fourth person check it.

Remember, queries are about the manuscript. If written well, a manuscript will always receive the attention it deserves.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Common Author and Publisher Misconceptions

There is such a thing as a niche – and publishers, just like all businesses, try to target their niche audience. Marketing is created around this niche and manuscripts are often scrutinized on whether they meet this niche. Manuscript quality is always considered, but in the end, the market always wins. Despite this universal truth for publishers, this should not be confused with common misconceptions between authors, readers and publishers.

Christian authors may sometimes believe that if their manuscript has God, or a similar religious concept behind it, that their manuscripts will not be published by certain publishers. Yet despite this belief, many Christian authors have done very well with secular publishers. Famous authors like C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien have proved this as a fact. While the market can still affect a publisher’s decisions, every publisher wants to publish a high quality manuscript.

These misconceptions include how some authors believe that they are unable to publish with a Christian publisher. Christian publishers like Bokheim Publishing often accept manuscripts from many different viewpoints on varied topics, even controversial ones. Although manuscripts may be scrutinized more closely, this is often due to a desire to publish an even better novel.

With the arrival of the new website, Bokheim Publishing plans to make 2010 its best year yet for our readers, authors, booksellers and reviewers. Whenever you pick up a Bokheim Publishing book, we want you to enjoy a rare quality of book that will provide you with a great reading experience. Check out our catalog today and enjoy what Bokheim Publishing has to offer!

Friday, January 29, 2010

E-book Give Authors More Returns

The announcement by Amazon that it sold more e-books than paperback books shocked the literary world during the holidays of 2009. Amazon shocked publishers again and caused a cheer to go up from authors when it announced that it would begin offering 70% royalties to authors.

What does this mean for publishers? It offers a new outlook and a fresh beginning. Authors have been fighting for their rights for decades. Bokheim Publishing was founded under the belief that authors and readers deserve more. For Bokheim Publishing, this triumph shows that authors and readers have been heard.

Amazon has been leading the way into a new beginning that will benefit all sides. As other publishers begin to realize the benefits in delivering more to authors and readers, a new age in the digital era will begin. With the introduction of the Apple iPad, this will bring more to authors. Authors will continue to receive higher returns for their efforts and costs will be driven down due to a competitive edge for readers.

For Bokheim Publishing, this allows the opportunity to do more for our consumers and authors. The year 2010 will do much to revolutionize the industry for the future.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Examining E-Readers

There are dozens of e-readers on the market, each varying in price and quality. One of the first e-readers was the Kindle. It received a great deal of publicity thanks to Amazon despite the initially small growth of e-book sales.

Some of the newest e-readers on the market are Sony’s E-Reader (which also comes in pink), the Nook (which offers an attractive, streamlined design) and there are rumors that Apple’s new tablet design will have extra features for e-books. Each e-reader offers the ability to hold hundreds if not thousands of e-books, and what the manufacturer promises to be a higher quality reading experience. They also boast how e-books can be found for under $10. Most paperback books can cost a lot more.

We would encourage our readers to choose carefully. It is important for each person to try the e-reader before he or she buys it. An e-reader is a pricey but sound investment. If chosen correctly, it can bring many years of enjoyment to the user.

No matter which e-reader could be considered the ‘best one’, they are improving each year, offering additional features to consumers at a lower price. If an e-reader is out of the price range, avid readers and consumers can visit Bokheim Publishing and bookstore websites to participate in occasional contests for free e-readers.

Keep reading!
The Bokheim Team

Thursday, January 21, 2010

History Revisited

Not many people remember history lessons about Ancient Rome, unless it has to do with a part of their daily work routine, or they have an interest in it. It is perhaps interesting to note how alike certain situations in that culture of long ago are to ones of today. Rome, in its later years, was constantly having its economy threatened by rising costs of inflation and the ever-increasing need for better access to health care and education.

So why is it that if this situation was going on thousands of years ago we apparently seemed to have not learned from it?

Although some questions may never be answered, it is definitely interesting that the Romans did have one outlet – entertainment. No matter how bad things became with each passing year, the Romans had something they could focus on in the entertainment world. Whether it was the Arena, most recently known thanks to Ridley Scott’s Gladiator, the theatre, which was the base for modern theater and plays, or literature, which had strong access throughout all of Rome, entertainment was very important.

Even with the state of our current economy, this holds true for us just as it did with the Romans. The reason for this is that we need something different – something apart from the ‘daily grind’ that threatens to overwhelm us if we are unable to stop thinking about it. This is why sports, movies, theaters and literature are so important for everyone during these times – each of us needs something fun.

However, many of us need entertainment that offers something above the norm – something that truly helps each of us not to think about what we are forced to endure daily. That is not to say it is a source of ignoring reality, but it is instead a way of finding a small measure of peace and enjoyment. Bokheim Publishing understands this, and it is working to provide families with the kind of literature they want and deserve.

Bokheim Publishing pledges to provide the highest quality literature. We hope that authors, editors and readers assist us in providing them with the assistance they need.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Publishing Rewards

Bokheim Publishing – More rewards for customers and less inconveniences

Publishing is a business; it makes money through its consumers. For publishers, pleasing consumers does not start with the bookstores, but instead it begins during manuscript preparation. Authors can assist in this preparation by learning about their readers.

Bokheim Publishing offers its books through a number of major resellers and our own storefront. This provides maximum exposure, but it also encourages us to understand our readers better. The only way publishers can offer their readers a better product is by offering an understanding of what readers want to read and at the right price. This includes offering selective sales at periodic dates, in addition to rewards for purchasing books.

By offering a higher quality product for less, mingled with more rewards for customers and less inconveniences, publishers are able to meet the demands of today. Smart planning and understanding what readers want will help to increase sales while keeping costs down. With the arrival of 2010, publishers are charged with assisting in the aid of marketing the books that their readers want. For Bokheim Publishing, meeting the wishes of our customers is our highest priority.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What Kinds Of Manuscripts Are Publishers Looking To Publish?

I remember how as a kid I would go to the library and head straight to the section I wanted to read. By the end of my first summer visiting that library, I knew the title and subject of every book in the fantasy section. As an adult working as an editor, I pride myself on knowing what books are out there. This practice is shared by others that I work with.

One thing I love about working at Bokheim Publishing is that our team knows which manuscripts will do best in the literary world. Questions I am often asked is if I think someone’s manuscript will be accepted. For any would-be author, I think it is important to do research and write about what he or she thinks will be sought after if your main goal is ultimately to be published. But more than that, I believe it’s important for an author to believe in his or her manuscript. If you do not believe and keep trying, you will never be published.

Einstein was ridiculed by the scientific world and yet is called a physics genius to this day. I find that very amusing as Einstein flunked basic physics. Remember that although you might be receiving rejection letters, this does not mean your manuscript will not be published. Finding the right mix of time, place and person is essential.

The author who inspired me to become an editor was T.A. Barron. He once told me he had been rejected over a hundred times before he found the right moment for his manuscript. Now you will find his books in almost every bookstore in America. Stephanie Meyers was rejected ten times until she was signed and now she has two movies out with two more on the way. How is that for an interesting turnout?

I find that publishers are looking for all kinds of manuscripts and that each author should remember this fact. Do not be discourage if you receive a rejection letter and remember that with effort, timing and determination an author can be published.

Bokheim Editor