Thursday, January 21, 2010

History Revisited

Not many people remember history lessons about Ancient Rome, unless it has to do with a part of their daily work routine, or they have an interest in it. It is perhaps interesting to note how alike certain situations in that culture of long ago are to ones of today. Rome, in its later years, was constantly having its economy threatened by rising costs of inflation and the ever-increasing need for better access to health care and education.

So why is it that if this situation was going on thousands of years ago we apparently seemed to have not learned from it?

Although some questions may never be answered, it is definitely interesting that the Romans did have one outlet – entertainment. No matter how bad things became with each passing year, the Romans had something they could focus on in the entertainment world. Whether it was the Arena, most recently known thanks to Ridley Scott’s Gladiator, the theatre, which was the base for modern theater and plays, or literature, which had strong access throughout all of Rome, entertainment was very important.

Even with the state of our current economy, this holds true for us just as it did with the Romans. The reason for this is that we need something different – something apart from the ‘daily grind’ that threatens to overwhelm us if we are unable to stop thinking about it. This is why sports, movies, theaters and literature are so important for everyone during these times – each of us needs something fun.

However, many of us need entertainment that offers something above the norm – something that truly helps each of us not to think about what we are forced to endure daily. That is not to say it is a source of ignoring reality, but it is instead a way of finding a small measure of peace and enjoyment. Bokheim Publishing understands this, and it is working to provide families with the kind of literature they want and deserve.

Bokheim Publishing pledges to provide the highest quality literature. We hope that authors, editors and readers assist us in providing them with the assistance they need.


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